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Mystical Bundle: Transcend Into The Unknown

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What you'll learn

3 courses in 1: Discover a whole new world of enchanting skills, from the fundamentals of witchcraft and wizardry to magical shamanic rituals!

Delve into the mystical art of magic with this fascinating three course bundle! Learn how to write and cast your own spells, harness the powerful forces of the elements, and become well versed in ancient shamanic practices. The knowledge and skills you'll gain will transform your life!

Begin your magical journey with "An Introduction to Practical Magic". The principal of The British College of Witchcraft and Wizardry will guide you through the essentials of practicing magic, including casting spells and incantations, using a magic wand, and making magical salts. You'll have lots of chances to try these techniques out for yourself along the way!

In "Enchanting Magical Witchcraft" you'll reach new magical heights by learning how to make powerful connections with the elements. You'll discover the natural offerings of earth, water, fire and air in how to use them in amazing ancient rituals. With your enhanced magical toolbox, you'll be able to create truly sacred spaces around you!

Expand your understanding of natural forces and embrace the vision of your inner mind with "Spiritual Enlightenment: Faery Shamanism". This course will teach you how to open your eyes and heart to shamanic spirituality, and will help guide your pathway to harmony and fulfillment. Feel empowered to bring balance to your inner world!


**An Introduction to Practical Magic**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Beginning

Part 3 - Its More Than Just a Star

Part 4 - ABC

Part 5 - Salt

Part 6 - Magical Ethics

Part 7 - Magical Practices

Part 8 - Ribbon Magic

Part 9 - The Magic Wand

Part 10 - Magical Numbers

Part 11 - Conclusion

Part 12 - Course Assessment

**Enchanting Magical Witchcraft**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - What You Will Learn and the Witches Creed

Part 3 - The Ancient Path from Here to Evermore

Part 4 - Your Magical Toolbox

Part 5 - The Magic of Our Homes

Part 6 - Becoming Whole and One With All of the Elements

Part 7 - The Power of the Moon

Part 8 - Seasonal Rites - A Time For Celebration and Devotion

Part 9 - Conclusion

Part 10 - Course Assessment

**Spiritual Enlightenment: Faery Shamanism**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Pathway Begins Here

Part 3 - The Awakening - Preparing The Pathway

Part 4 - Meeting With The Faery On Nature's Pathway

Part 5 - The Many Forked Road To The Fae

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  • Includes more than 160 lectures, over 10 hours of video content and downloadable course materials
  • Learn from magical experts to master the fundamentals of witchcraft and wizardry!
  • Use the impressive forces of nature and your own inner strength to cast powerful spells and create sacred space in your life
  • Bring balance and harmony to your life with intensely moving shamanic rituals
  • Perfect for anyone curious to learn about magic for the first time or enhance their existing magic skills to create a better life for themselves!


Sarah Tudorbeth
Qualified teacher with an Honours Degree in Religious Studies

Sharon Ramel
Teacher and Therapist

Sharon Ramel
Teacher and Therapist

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Mystical Bundle: Transcend Into The Unknown
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Mystical Bundle: Transcend Into The Unknown