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Mid-Life & The Menopause: Natural Approaches

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What you'll learn

Are you going through menopause & feel as though your hormones are out of balance? Take this course & learn natural ways of countering this imbalance

Are you a woman who feels as though your hormones are out of balance? Too often health care providers put this down to getting old, being depressed or that it is natural to be tired and get hot flashes. This is not the case, you should not feel as though youth and vitality is drifting away and this course provides natural processes for you to gain control of your hormones.

Laura Dankof will help you get off the hormonal roller-coaster by explaining what the contributing factors are to hormonal imbalances. Taking pills is not the way to gain control of your hormones, you must be willing to alter and improve your lifestyle in order to counter these hormonal balances. Laura will show you what aspects of your everyday life that is contributing to hormonal imbalances and show you how this can be changed.

Take this course and learn what are the root causes to your hormonal imbalances and how you can improve your quality of life by natural means, rather than simply taking a pill. Understand symptoms associated with hormone imbalance and how you can test hormone levels.


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Course Content


  • Over 2 hrs of video lectures, plus pdfs and auidos explaining how to counter hormonal imbalances
  • Natural solutions to take control of your hormones.
  • 4 quizzes to test your knowledge
  • A sleep, diet and exercise plan to help regulate your hormonal imbalances. 


Laura Dankof
Nurse Practitioner and founder of Path to Health and Healing

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Mid-Life & The Menopause: Natural Approaches
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Mid-Life & The Menopause: Natural Approaches