Physiotherapy: A Guide to the Body

This course offers fantastic ways to learn physiotherapy covering the anatomy, diagnosis, special testing and joint play of different parts of the body

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Course Highlights

  • Learn physiotherapy techniques with 3 hours of fantastic online video tutorials and multiple PDFs
  • Quizzes to check that you are on the right lines with the course.
  • Improve your knowledge of the body and potential problems from your own home
  • Learn about everything from diagnosis to Special Testing and Joint Play
  • Improve your performance in physiotherapy exams 

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Physiotherapy: A Guide to the Body

Andreas Heck
Andreas Heck, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Andreas Heck

CEO & Founder of Physiotutors

More Info

This course offers a fantastic way to learn physiotherapy, right from anatomy instruction, to diagnosis tutorials and through to special testing and joint play of different parts of the body.

If you’re currently a physiotherapy student or just have a passing interest, this course can help you improve on your fundamentals and advance your skills as a physiotherapist. It uses in-depth video tutorials to guide you all the way, constantly referring back to the latest research and science so you know your skills are up to date.

By taking this course you will have the necessary skills to perform basic physiotherapy techniques on friends, family and clients. You will have the ability to successfully diagnose injuries to the body and perform appropriate practises on your patient.