Master a Skill Bundle: Guitar

3 courses in 1: Harness the power of your mind and learn how to play guitar to an advanced level in a fast and effective means in this bundle.

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Course Highlights

  • Over 18.5 hours of content spread over 278 Lectures, PDF handbooks and assessments.
  • Understand and apply musical theory, while creating your own unique voice on the guitar.
  • Learn the mechanics of the guitar, mastering the CAGED system and visualize the whole guitar neck in a key.
  • Use Brainspotting to stimulate, focus, and activate the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself from trauma.
  • Discover Brainspotting's ability to significantly improve performance in everyday scenarios and unblock Psychological barriers and boost creativity – essential when acquiring a new complex skill.
  • Be able to process vast amounts of information and apply it to any skill you may want to learn through the art of Super Learning.
  • Improve your learning ability and memory through cutting edge techniques – allowing for rapid music theory acquisition and retention.
  • This bundle is suitable for anyone who wants to quickly and effectively gain an advanced knowledge of the fundamentals of the guitar and music theory, allowing them to learn songs and improvise.

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Master a Skill Bundle: Guitar
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Course Facts

Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course

More Info

The Professional Guitar Masterclass course will guide you from first picking up a guitar to an advanced level. Learn musical theory, improvisation, scales, chords and techniques. Gain more than just the ability to play, understand the theory behind the music and master the skill of challenging improvisation and music analysis.

Increase your guitar theory acquisition skills through Brainspotting, a powerful and focused driven technique within Neuroscience, which functions by identifying, processing and releasing core sources of emotional and physical pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of other challenging symptoms. Improve your ability to learn new theory and spark your creativity.

Become a Super Learner by equipping yourself with the tools you require to improve your learning ability. You will achieve this through some of the most effective memory enhancing and speed reading techniques available. Make deeper connections between musical theory concepts, whilst improving your ability to retain information, allowing your capacity for playing the guitar to soar.


Professional Guitar Masterclass

Part 1: The Foundation

Part 2: Finger Exercises

Part 3: Chords & Strumming

Part 4: Music Theory & More!

Part 5: Improvising

Part 6: Level 1 Summary

Part 7: Level 2: Major & Minor Scales

Part 8: Improvising 201

Part 9: Music Theory 201

Part 10: Harmonised Major Scales

Part 11: More Chords

Part 12: Improvising 202

Part 13: Level 2 Final Summary

Part 14: Music Theory 301

Part 15: Different Modes

Part 16: Scales

Part 17: Improvising 301

Part 18: Music Theory 302

Part 19: The Blues Scales

Part 20: Level 3 Final Summary

Part 21: Music Theory 4

Part 22: Minor Scales

Part 23: Dominant Chords

Part 24: Altered Scales & Improvs

Part 25: Different Scales

Part 26: Solving Chord Functions

Part 27: Improvising FINAL

Part 28: Master Level Summary

Brainspotting: Enhance Performance & Heal Trauma

Part 1: Brainspotting - The Innovative Neurobiological Technique

Part 2: Brainspotting to Repair Trauma

Part 3: Brainspotting to Enhance Performance

Part 4: Conclusion and Self-Brainspotting Exercise

Part 5: Bonus Video: Brainspotting Live Session

Part 6: Course Quiz

Become a Super Learner: Speed Reading & Memory

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Understanding Your Memory

Part 3: The Power of Visual Memory

Part 4: Mental Markers: Visual Memory Meets Learning

Part 5: Systems for Creating and Maintaining Long Term Memories

Part 6: Pre-Reading

Part 7: Read With Your Eyes, Not With Your Inner Voice

Part 8: Speeding Things Up

Part 9: Good Learning Habits

Part 10: Applying Your New Skills