Management Training Techniques Bundle

Learn how to manage a team and influence others while progressing your career, delivering projects and conducting performance reviews in this comprehensive 3 course Management Bundle.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 174 lectures and over 9 hours of video content.
  • Includes a masterclass in how to effectively negotiate, manage a team, deliver a project and radically improve your presentation skills
  • Learn how to lead & communicate with authenticity, transparency & confidence
  • Achieve fair and effective allocation of project responsibilities and get the most from your team, using motivation, collaboration and communication techniques.
  • Learn the basics of performance reviews and then describe how to give and receive effective reviews.
  • Suitable for anyone interested in management oppurtunities and progressing their career through leading and influencing others.

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Management Training Techniques Bundle

Chris Croft
Chris Croft, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

Bundle requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this bundle.

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In Management 101, you will learn how to manage a team, deliver a project and progress in your career. This course is a comprehensive guide to all of the management skills that you will need to make that next step. It covers assertiveness, time management, project management, sales, leadership, negotiating, and presentations, this course will provide you with a detailed grounding in all the skills required for a key management role.

The corporate leadership and people management course will equip you with the skills to progress up the management ladder. It is suitable for managers of all levels of experience, or aspiring managers and will teach you what it takes to effectively manage a team and provide true leadership. This course will show you how to accelerate your management career and become a world class leader

Within the Advanced Management Training course, you will begin developing your personal leadership style so that you can effectively empower the people around you and open yourself to bigger opportunities. Understand how to find, spread, and execute innovative ideas and cultivate a compelling vision to motivate others.


Management 101

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Assertiveness

Part 3: Time Management

Part 4: Project Management

Part 5: Sales

Part 6: Leadership

Part 7: Negotiating

Part 8: Presentations

Part 9: Thank You!

Part 10: Quiz

HR: Corporate Leadership & People Management

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Prepare your environment

Part 3: Manage your team

Part 4: Review your results

Part 5: Bonus videos

Advanced Management Training: Myers-Briggs Leadership Development

Part 1: Understanding Leadership

Part 2: Different Personalities

Part 3: The Team

Part 4: Exclusive Interviews

Part 5: Quiz