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Learn an Instrument Bundle

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What you'll learn

This 3 course bundle for beginners will teach you how to play three of the most fun and useful instruments: the ukulele, violin and harmonica.

Start your musical journey with this three course bundle. From mastering the strings of the uke and violin, to learning proper breathing techniques for the harmonica, you'll develop a wide range of musical skills! If you've ever wanted to pick up a musical instrument and broaden your talents, now is your chance!

In "Ukulele for Beginners" you'll learn strumming patterns, chord progressions and finger techniques. At the end of the course, you'll be able to play classic pop songs I'm Yours (Jason Mraz) and Three Little Birds (Bob Marley). The ukulele is not only a fun instrument in its own right, but it provides the perfect introduction to more advanced string instruments like the guitar.

"Violin for Beginners" is a great introduction to this impressive instrument. Discover the best way to hold and move the bow, as well as how to position your fingers to create melodic tones. You'll start with beginner exercises, and steadily progress to full length songs, from basics like Hot Cross Buns to the more intermediate Jingle Bells.

Finally, pick up something completely new in "Harmonica for Beginners". You'll be taught the best way to make soulful music with the proper breathing and blowing techniques. The course will first guide you through playing individual notes, and then you'll put your new knowledge together to play well-loved songs like Oh My Darling Clementine.


**Ukulele for Beginners**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Basics

Part 3 - Strumming

Part 4 - I'm Yours

Part 5 - Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

Part 6 - Stand by me

Part 7 - Melody Making

Part 8 - Conclusion

**Violin for Beginners**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Basics of sound production and bow hold.

Part 3 - Posture and violin position.

Part 4 - First open strings.

Part 5 - Using the left hand fingers. Placement and exercises.

Part 6 - Basic Songs

Part 7 - Intermediate Songs

Part 8 - Quiz

**Harmonica for Beginners**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - First Steps

Part 3 - Lessons 7 - 11

Part 4 - Lessons 12 - 16

Part 5 - Lessons 17 - 22

Part 6 - Beginner Songs

Part 7 - Intermediate Songs

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  • 94 lectures, including over 11 hours of video content
  • Learn to play ukulele and discover the perfect accompaniment to your favourite songs!
  • Branch out into classical instruments with beginner violin lessons
  • Expand your musical range to include the classic harmonica!
  • Ideal for musical novices looking to develop some new skills, or for existing musicians ready to add to their repertoire


Henry Olsen
Guitar Teacher

Dr. Yuliyan
Concertmaster of New Symphony Orchestra

Ami Luz
Music Teacher and Musician

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Learn an Instrument Bundle
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Learn an Instrument Bundle