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Language for Kids

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What you'll learn

Give children the gift of bilingualism by learning how to teach them a second language, and even learn along yourself!

Language for Kids is designed to help bring language learning into every household, no matter what languages the parents speak. Whether you recognise the importance of a second language for your child's development and future success, or you want to share your language skills with children in your care, this course will help you create fun educational experiences in the exciting world of second-language acquisition. Your teacher, Paola, has over 16 years of experience teaching Languages Other Than English (L.O.T.E), both in Italy and Australia. She's ready to share her best strategies and resources with you, which she's tested in schools and private tutoring, so that you can teach your child whatever language you choose! Learn how to use a winning combination of adapted songs, personalised worksheets, and well-structured activities with your child. Use the templates of attention grabbing stimuli, like family trees and maps of Italy, to expose them to the language, help them practice, and assess their progress. Follow Paola's advice and your child will always look forward to the next step on their journey to bilingualism!

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Course Content


  • Includes 56 lectures, over 1.5 hours of video content, downloadable worksheets, extra online resources and example audio material
  • Guide your own child, or a child in your care, through one of life's most important skills: speaking another language!
  • Find out how to grab their attention, structure your lessons, and help them remember what they've learned for a long time
  • Fully customise your teaching to meet the child's needs, using the helpful the aid of worksheets and template
  • Perfect for total beginners wanting to help their child succeed at learning languages (while learning a new skill themselves!), or for foreign language speakers who would like to share their language with the next generation and diversify their income


Paola Gallinaro
Language Teacher

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Language for Kids
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Language for Kids