Freelance Kickstart: Quit Your Day Job!

Launch your freelance career today. Learn from an expert on how to be your own boss and freelance your way to success.

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  • Expert advice for launching your own freelance career from someone who has been there and done it
  • A blueprint for branding yourself including website, portfolio, business card and more!
  • How to land jobs and make money like never before
  • Complete e-book with supplementary guidance
  • Modular assessment to make sure that you are on the right track! BONUS - Class leaderboard to see how to compare to others on the course! 

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Freelance Kickstart: Quit Your Day Job!

Philip Ebiner
Philip Ebiner, Course Teacher

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Course Teacher

Philip Ebiner

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This course will show you exactly how to start freelancing, and how to be successful at it!

The hardest part about a freelancing career is getting started, and this course will give you a blueprint on how to do it full time, or how to start a side freelance job to make some extra money.

We’ll cover a range of topics including how to choose what you are good at, building your own website, finding work, self discipline, building your brand and portfolio, as well as covering money and tax tips.