Colour Psychology Secrets

This colour psychology course teaches you the impact that colours have on peoples emotions & provides you with colour tips for professional & everyday life

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  • 32 lectures, containing 3.5 hours of video content plus multiple PDF files to download.
  • 2 bonus audio files demonstrating the impact that colour can have on emotions
  • A guide to what colours to wear in order to make the most significant impact
  • Understand how colour can impact your artwork
  • How colour can be applied to boost your website  

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Colour Psychology Secrets

Kristen Palana
Kristen Palana, Course Teacher

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RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Kristen Palana

Award Winning Artist and Teacher

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Understanding colours and the impact that they can have on others is an essential life skill that can have hugely beneficial effects for you personally. You will become more influential and productive, a better communicator and have more control over the way people perceive and treat you just by learning a few easy-to-remember secrets about colour.

Kristen Palana has created this course to provide you with the best tips on what colours to wear for different occasions whether that be on a first date or for a very important sales pitch, Kristen will make sure that you stand out. Emotions are the driving factor that determine how people behave and using colours strategically will help influence the emotions and actions of others.

By taking this course you will gain the best colour tips around, which will increase your impact significantly. You will learn what colours to wear for differing occasions and understand the impact that these colour have on the emotions of the people around you. This colour psychology course will also provide you most relevant and useful colour information that can be applied immediately to your art, work and everyday life.