Anti-Ageing Bundle

4 courses in 1: Discover the secrets to maintaining a good mental and physical quality of life as you age!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 149 lectures with over 6.5 hours of video content and downloadable handouts
  • Understand the psychology of ageing and discover how we can help the elderly thrive throughout later life!
  • Learn what telomeres are and how you can create healthy habits to prevent degenerative disorders
  • Discover top skincare and make up tips that will keep you looking youthful!
  • Suitable for anyone keen to keep themselves young & healthy, and for those helping elderly loved ones through the ageing process

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Anti-Ageing Bundle
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This 4 course bundle will give you all the anti-ageing tips you need to stay happy and healthy as you get older. You'll begin with how our minds development with age, and move on to practical techniques for keeping the bad effects of ageing at bay! Take your health into your own hands, and hold onto your youth!

In "Psychology Of Old Age" you'll discover the underlying psyche of older people, and how the ageing process affects them. You'll learn how to support them through the difficulties of this stage of life. With your new skills, you'll be able to help fulfill their needs and aims!

"Natural Anti-Aging Techniques" will introduce you to telomeres and their importance in preventing degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's. Learn how to get into good habits that will promote longevity! This course is all about the practical science to staying young!

Not only will the courses in this bundle keep you young on the inside, but "Skincare: Anti-Ageing & Blemish Free" will give you a matching youthful exterior! You'll learn how to transform your skin by incorporating easy techniques into an incredible daily skincare routine. Discover the instructor Louise's 5:2 strategy and start your journey to a fresh-face and smooth skin today!

"Makeup Artistry & Anti Ageing" will teach you how to cover up any wrinkles and blemishes. Feel comfortable in your own skin with in depth tutorials on makeup for eyes, skin, lips and fashion accessories. With these industry secrets, you'll look and feel your best!


Psychology Of Old Age


The Psychology of Old Age

The Stereotypes of Old Age

Mental Health & Old Age

The Quality of Life

Improving Health and Wellbeing

Natural Anti-Aging Techniques


Telomeres, Why They are Key Factors' in Health & Aging

How to Feed Your Telomeres to Activate Natural Anti-aging

The Mind – Telomere Connection and How to Tap Into the Anti-aging Power

Managing Stress

Skincare: Anti-Ageing & Blemish Free


Cleansing away imperfections

Makeup – Is it bad for your skin?

Moisturising: The key to flawless ageless skin?

Serums: what are they and are they worth the money?

The secrets to spot free skin

Keeping your eyes ageless

Masks & Facials: Your Weekly Rehab

The Bare Minimum

Exfoliating: What is it?


Makeup Artistry & Anti Ageing

Welcome & Intro

Our Favorite Natural Brands

Top 5 Celebrity Makeup Requests

Brushes, Sponges & Tools

Charting Your Course

Complete Step-by-step Face Designs

Focus on the Eyes - Eye Designs

Focus on the Eyes - Eye Lashes & Eye Brows

Flawless Skin

How To Contour - or not!


NK Beauty Bonuses - Beauty Foods

Hottest New Colors, Fashion & Makeup

Conclusion and What's Next?