Performing Courses

Do you want to find your voice? Your authentic voice that is. This Public Speaking course will empower you to unlock that voice and speak with confidence.

  195 students

This online TV Presenter training course takes you through the basics of presenting and dealing with autocues, interviews and much more

  96 students

TJ Walker has trained Presidents and Nobel Prize Winners on public speaking, and now you too can access his unique training for a fraction of the cost.


  359 students

Master the method of delivering an impactful story to influence any audience

  74 students

This 4 course High Intensity Fitness Bundle acts as your personal trainer to help you build your strength and improve your health fitness through plyometrics, weight training and crossfit training.


  61 students

Run by BBC Trainer & Voiceover & Communications Trainer, Steve Hudson, you will learn everything you need to know to work in TV/Radio as a voiceover artist

  132 students

TED talks are the gold marker of quality speeches and presentations today. You can learn how to captivate audiences in the same way from TJ Walker.


  99 students

This public speaking & communication course will give you the confidence to approach speeches & presentations with a positive mindset.


  58 students