Susan Teton

Susan is a published author, columnist and lecturer on nutrition and well-being.

About Susan Teton

Susan Campbell is a a food, well-being and spiritual expert with 30 years experience. She believes that food is a central and sacred element of our lives, so we need to nourish ourselves with pure, organic, natural whole foods to ensure that we grow and flourish.

Throughout her personal journey of being a mother, wife, friend, and working woman, she discovered how important it was to live with a healthy diet. Wanting to inspire others, she worked with EarthSave International advocate for healthier school lunches, and she set up her own organisation called Spirit in Action to make real change in dietary cultures.

In addition, Susan has published books and produced DVDs sharing her culinary skills and healthy living philosophy. She also helps others live a more fulfilled, rejuvenated life with her online dietary program: "Chef Teton".

She offers a huge range of services to help her clients, as she is a certified Laguna Beach Culinary Arts Instructor, Raw Food Chef and Aromatherapist, with additional certifications in Body Ecology Diet, WSET Wine and Yoga.

Susan also contributes regularly to Healthy Living Magazine, and is a Lecturer in Nutrition/Culinary Arts/Personal Growth/Longevity and Motivation.


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