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Candle Making Instructor

About Kevin Partner

Founder and Chief Geek at MakingYourOwnCandles-co-uk which has the UK's widest range of candle making kits and equipment. A candlemaker since 2009, I have designed and developed dozens of candle styles and turned them into easy to use kits that have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people in the UK and elsewhere.

I am also a published writer - contributing to national magazines in the UK on a regular basis since 1995 as well as authoring a number of books published traditionally and also self published. I write mainly about business and technical subjects. I am the author of the best selling Your Craft Business: A Step by Step Guide which has gone on to sell many thousands of copies to aspiring crafters.

I'm a professional programmer who, over the years has learned and used over a dozen languages for commercial purposes. My current expertise is in PHP, Python, ActionScript and Ruby.

In my leisure time I like to play video games with my son, write fiction and cook.