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Dancer and dance teacher

About Darren Wong

Darren R. Wong is a dancer with 13 years of experience in the Hip Hop community. He has been training, performing and choreographing with some of the best dancers in the world from world renowned organizations such as Kinjaz, Culture Shock LA, and Kaba Modern. He has been sharing his experience by teaching and training dancers of all skill levels, from college performing arts programs, dance studios and online students from around the world, how to breakdance with the knowledge that he has been fortunate enough to gain.

Darren's goal is to share what dance has given him in his life by providing online dance courses for up and coming dancers who may be intimidated, self conscious to start dancing or do not have access to experienced teachers or a dance studio with classes that interest them and have been looking for a way to learn how to dance online. His courses allow both new and experienced dancers from all over the world to have access to an experienced teacher who understands the ins and outs of how to breakdown a movement to its simplest form so a student can confidently learn a movement with correct technique, execute them to music and piece them together to create their own combinations whenever and wherever without having to step foot into a studio.

He aspires not only to help those in his local dance community, but also dance communities worldwide who may not have direct access to the techniques and knowledge that was shared with him.