Ann Zitzmann

Spiritual Theorist and Therapist

About Ann Zitzmann

I'm an independent scholar and writer who specializes in philosophical, religious and spiritual studies. My work is motivated by a desire to understand why people believe what they believe. I find great joy in exploring the impact beliefs have on the evolution of the individual, society and humanity's relationship with the natural environment. The goal of my work is to provide practical knowledge about the nature of belief and to encourage people to consider the impact their beliefs have on the world.

Ann Zitzmann's Experience


This extensive 4 course Spiritual Cleanse Bundle will help you purge the negativity energy from your life and restore spiritual vitality to your mind, body and soul


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This Spiritual Practice Course will teach you how to create, organize and maintain a spiritual practice to care for your spirit and fulfill your hearts desires.


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3 courses in 1: Learn simple and effective chakra cleansing techniques to bring balance and healing to your life!


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Develop an understanding of the Chakras system and learn simple exercises to help heal and develop your Charkras, to connect your mind, body, and spirit.


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