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Andreea Stor
Andreea Stor
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Andreea Stor is an entrepreneur, business educator and founder of her own floral design company.


Andreea Stor has worked with some of the most influential florists in the world for over 20 years, educating and inspiring entrepreneurs and florists worldwide to start to their own business. Andreea founded her own floral design and business education company in 2013 called Floristiq Art International which it continues to flourish today. She has over twenty years in the business sector, with many of these spent building her own company into what it is today. Andreea has taught thousands of students through her online tutorials, drawing on expertise and knowledge that she has acquired from her two decades of business experience.

Andreea's entrepreneurial expertise isn't just limited to the floral industry. During her time as a businesswoman, Andreea has worked across many industries, including the automotive and HR sectors, giving her a wide variety of entrepreneurial experience across several different fields. This puts her in the perfect position to be able to teach people about how best to grow their business. Perhaps even more impressively however, Andreea began her floral industry in a country and culture to which it is relatively unknown, which is a shining example of her marketing prowess.