Mathematics: Beginner to Advanced Level

An innovative and comprehensive approach to learning the fundamentals of mathematics, covering: whole numbers, exponents, integers, common & decimal fractions, rate & proportion as well as financial maths

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  • Includes 112 lectures and 15 hours of content.
  • Learn about whole Numbers, exponents, integers, common Fractions, decimal Fractions, rate & proportion as well as financial maths
  • Critically apply mathematics to real world situations and build a solid mathematical foundation.
  • Gain confidence in your mathematical abilities for money managing and understanding your accounts.
  • Suitable for anyone wanting to build a strong foundation in mathematics

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Mathematics: Beginner to Advanced Level
Matthew a.
Matthew and Leah
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Course Facts

Course requirements There are no prerequsites for this course

Course Teacher

Matthew and Leah

Engineer and Biomedical Engineer

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This course offers a unique and interactive approach to learning mathematics in the 21st Century. You will learn how to critically apply mathematics to real world situations as well as understand, in detail, the module Numbers, Operations & Relationships, including Whole Numbers, Exponents, Integers, Common Fractions, Decimal Fractions, Rate & Proportion and Financial Maths.

Matthew Henshall, the instructor who will take you through this course is an Electro-Mechanical Engineer and Running fanatic. He is constantly on the search for new information and adventures and is passionate about teaching mathematics and making it accessible to everyone.

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of mathematics. You can incorporate maths into your everyday life and improve your accounting skills and advance your career. It is also relevant for any mathematics teachers wanting to improve upon classroom teaching methods and make learning mathematics an rewarding experience.