Law of Attraction: Vision Video Mastery

Learn to use Vision Videos to achieve your dream life, reprogramming your subconscious mind to allow you to achieve your dreams.

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Course Highlights

  • 35 lectures including 3 hours of video content to help you achieve your ultimate dream life
  • Create an inspiring Vision Video that will attract your dream life to you
  • Wake up motivated, with a better sense of direction and purpose to your life
  • Learn how your mind works and how to reprogram it to achieve your life goals
  • Understand how to get the Law of Attraction working for you
  • Includes lecture on EFT to overcome roadblocks 

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Law of Attraction: Vision Video Mastery

Gabriel Both
Gabriel Both, Course Teacher

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RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Gabriel Both

Inspired Freedom Ltd

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Do you want to create the ultimate life of your dreams? Do you feel that you could achieve so much more, but are frustrated that you aren't on the right path? This Vision Video Mastery course will enable you reprogram your brain with powerful messages, creating lasting changes that will put you on the path to success!

If you aren't living your dream then it is because your mind is outdated, and with the help of Gabriel Both you can upgrade your internal software to be tuned for success. Gabriel is a passionate information marketer & entrepreneur whose online courses have improved the lives of thousands of students. Using the techniques he will show you in this course Gabriel was able to find his soulmate by the age of 24!

Do not settle for living anything other than your dream life. Take this course today to make your vision of success a reality.