HR: Social Media in the Workplace

This course will teach you about the benefits & dangers, as well as the as well as the laws and ethics of social media in the workplace

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 8 lectures with an hour video content, supplementary handout material and quizzes to test your progress.
  • Learn the fundamental reasons behind people's use of social media and the common social media platforms and social networking sites
  • Discover the key risks posed to employers and businesses by social media use as well as the law and ethics surrounding social media
  • Learn how to draw up and implement a workplace social media policy
  • This course is specifically intended for Managers, Business Owners and HR Professionals.

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HR: Social Media in the Workplace
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This HR course offers an in-depth insight into the prominent role of Social Media in the workplace and professional settings. It will guide you through the benefits of a highly connected society but also the significant risks it introduces, such as online defamation, cyber bullying and time wasting in the workplace.

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This course is suitable for all social media users or anyone working in a professional workplace with a growing use of social media. It provides valuable guidance to Managers, Business Owners and HR Professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of social platforms, professional networking and the laws and ethics surrounding social media.