Sleep Courses

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a life of energy & smiles with better sleep than perhaps you've ever had with this 7 days sleep course

  123 students

This course is designed to increase energy and improve psychological performance using completely natural methods.


  88 students

Whether you’re struggling with occasional sleep deprivation, or suffer from insomnia, this course will give you the tools for sleep optimisation.


  196 students

In this three course bundle, you'll discover powerful natural techniques to enhance your physical & spiritual well-being, and learn how to connect with the many wonders nature has to offer!


  59 students

Discover how to get better sleep & feel more energised with calming breathing exercises & lots of practical tips for improving your bedtime habits.


  182 students

Combat sleep deprivation and insomnia while successfully controlling your weight in this extensive 4 course Weight and Sleep Management Bundle


  69 students

This course is all about true energy and how we unlock it. Using the BEAT method you will be able to beat tiredness once and for all!


  94 students

Learn 10 holistic methods to help you manage anxiety and take back control of your life.


  103 students