Networking Courses

Boost your memory and learn how to retain faces, names and information easily in this How to Memorize Names & Faces Course.

  57 students

How efficient is your LinkedIn networking? This course takes you through the basics of setting up your profile, right through to creating influencer lists


  127 students

A step-by-step guide to creating the perfect resume, career research, and interview preparation.


  59 students

Learn how to use social media effectively and develop the power and platform to inspire and influence others.


  215 students

TJ Walker has trained Presidents and Nobel Prize Winners on public speaking, and now you too can access his unique training for a fraction of the cost.


  361 students

Learn about personal branding and become an instant celebrity in your industry or business niche. Master the media, LinkedIn and create your own book.


  216 students

This CPA (cost per acquisition) marketing course will show you how to establish a successful online business that generates consistent income through effective CPA strategies.


  74 students

An essential guide to pursuing a career as an artist within the freelance industry. It offers invaluable information on obtaining and growing clientele, protecting your business and achieving freelance success.


  84 students

Assess yourself using the Success at Work Model, explore personal development quick tips and create a personal development plan so that you can develop your strengths and become more successful.


  49 students

TED talks are the gold marker of quality speeches and presentations today. You can learn how to captivate audiences in the same way from TJ Walker.


  99 students