Memory Courses

Learn language skills and techniques for understanding and communicating with a Dementia patient and make the environment you work in more dementia friendly.

70 students

With this course memory wizard Anthony Metivier will help you learn how to memorize any vocab from any language, and how to apply these techniques elsewhere

497 students

Access the full potential of your infinite memory through skills and techniques that will radically transform your brains ability to retain information..

128 students

This Mindfulness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is designed to help you to regain control of your life using 7-day mindfulness meditation plan that will those suffering with PTSD

60 students

These proven secrets will allow you to improve your memory and increase your ability to master any language!

43 students

In this course, by Tatiana Ambrose, you will benefit from personal knowledge and hands on experience, and complete creative thinking exercises as you go!

117 students