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Pat Sang CBiol., MRSB, BSc (Hons) Environmental Biology (1st Class), PG Diploma (Forensic Science with Distinction), PGCE (PCE). Pat is an accredited member of the Society of Education Consultants (Member Number 198856 / 31-03-17). Pat is the Director of Animal Biology and Care Ltd. and gained Chartered Biologist status for her work in developing science and laboratory management within Further Education in the UK. She has worked as a lecturer in Animal Science and Management, as a private tutor and for the past 10 years, has been a course writer and tutor for distance learning companies. Pat has also been a tutor for a home-learning organisation delivering science to young people who find the standard school environment unacceptable.
The focus of Pat's formation of Animal Biology and Care Ltd., involves two aspects: the proper ethical treatment of the non-human animal and, delivery of online, distance learning courses that match the level at which they are advertised and, are assessed at that level. The tutors at Animal Biology and Care Ltd., with their experience and knowledge of assessment know how to assess to the level advertised for the courses. They will provide honest and realistic marking and feedback so that learners can be assured they have achieved according to the level of the course. Pat is a member of the ISAE (International Society of Applied Ethology), the ASE (Association for Science Education) and the Animal Behaviour Society. She is an accredited member of the Society of Education Consultants and a Chartered Biologist with the Royal Society of Biology.