Yoga & Herbalism Bundle For Health & Wellbeing

A 3 course Yoga and Herbalism Bundle that will introduce you to the powerful benefits of yoga meditation and natural herbal remedies on your health.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 189 lectures, over 11 hours of video content, supporting handouts and quizzes to test yourself.
  • Learn the core principles and postures to release stress and tension through yoga.
  • Help prevent chronic disease by reducing oxidation and inflammation and support the healing of chronic conditions through food
  • Learn how to increase your energy levels through more relaxed and restful sleep
  • Includes a masterclass on the use of herbal rememdies at home, in the kitchen, and for perfect skincare
  • This course is perfect for anyone with an interest in improving their mindset, fitness and health through yoga and herbalism techniques.

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Yoga & Herbalism Bundle For Health & Wellbeing

Elizabeth Heck
Elizabeth Heck, Course Teacher

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Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for these courses

More Info

This comprehensive Yoga and Herbalism Bundle will introduce you to the basic yoga poses and sequences and how to practice Hatha Yoga to improve your health, mindset and fitness. It will also teach you about the power of herbs and spices not only for flavour but also the considerable impact that they can have on your health.

The first course will introduce you to some of the core principles and postures to help you on your journey. Learn at a pace that allows for quiet practice and reflection, that can easily fit around your schedule. Learn about the many health benefits for both physical and emotional wellbeing, including alleviating back pain, increased muscle strength and good posture, as well as restoring a sense of calm during times of stress.

The Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Techniques for Health & Wellbeing course will take you on a journey through several different systems and techniques connected to Yoga, including lessons on certain elements of Pilates and Karana Yoga. You will learn how you can use simple breathing and movement exercises in order to improve your sleep and achieve a more balanced physical and mental lifestyle

Finally, the Herbalism Masterclass will teach you how to use natural, herbal remedies to successfully improve your health and wellbeing. Learn detailed, practical methods to use natural remedies in your cooking, skincare and daily life which will help to improve your general wellness. It will show you how to utilise these herbal remedies, and learn to make natural remedies at home.


Basic Yoga for Beginners

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Yoga Positives

Part 3: Before You Begin

Part 4: Sun Salutations

Part 5: Yoga Classes

Part 6: Conclusion

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Techniques for Health & Wellbeing

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Advice, Disclaimer and Credits

Part 3: Sea Yoga

Part 4: Special Preliminary Breathing Exercises

Part 5: Philosophy of Yoga - Part 1

Part 6: Thank You!

Part 7: Recommended Courses

Herbalism Masterclass

Part 1: Welcome to Home Remedies: How to Use Herbs & Spices for Ultimate Health

Part 2: The Spices that Kick Flavor and Kick Ailments

Part 3: Amazing Healing Herbs Common to Most Kitchens

Part 4: Additional Amazing Kitchen Healers

Part 5: Herbalism - Introduction & Medicine Making

Part 6: Welcome to Natural First Aid

Part 7: Every First-aid Kit Should Contain at Least a Few Teas

Part 8: Powder Treatments Pack Well and Last a Long Time

Part 9: Tinctures and Liniments are Fast Acting

Part 10: Essential Oils are Powerful Medicine

Part 11: Oils and Gels for Topical Application

Part 12: Amazing Kitchen Ingredients to Use in a Pinch

Part 13: Bonus Materials

Part 14: Welcome to Best Superfoods for Ultimate Health & Energy

Part 15: Condiments You'll Love

Part 16: Beverages and Treats You'll Love

Part 17: Ultimate Healthy Meals

Part 18: Introduction to Herbalism for Cold & Flu

Part 19: Remedies for Colds and Flu to Make Ahead

Part 20: Remedies to Make Once You have a Cold or Flu

Part 21: Detailed Protocols for Various Cold and Flu Symptoms

Part 22: Handouts

Part 23: Skincare Overview

Part 24: Skincare for Anti Aging and Dry Skin

Part 25: Steps to Glowing Skin

Part 26: Redness and Rosacea Skincare Remedies

Part 27: The Best Possible Skincare

Part 28: Creating Highly Effective Acne Skincare

Part 29: Steps to Clear Skincare

Part 30: Completion

Part 31: Quiz