Understanding Mental Health Bundle

4 courses in 1: This bundle will help you identify and reflect on your mental health, and will teach you practical ways to boost your mental & physical wellbeing

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Course Highlights

  • Includes over 14 hours of video content, 256 lectures and downloadable materials
  • Learn to identify and treat the symptoms of mental illnesses
  • Discover how to use the powerful tools of mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy to boost your own mental well being
  • Find out how to plan and follow a nutritious diet that will help you keep a balanced mental state
  • Perfect for anyone looking for exciting new strategies to holistically improve their mental health or the wellness of their loved ones

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Understanding Mental Health Bundle

Dr. Leah Akinlonu
Dr. Leah Akinlonu, Course Teacher

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In this bundle, you will learn an exciting range of techniques for managing your mental health! You'll be introduced to the psychological underpinnings of mental illness, as well as the powerful treatment strategies of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. You'll also discover how your thought processes and eating patterns can be harnessed to build healthier mental wellbeing! Overall, this course will help bring more positivity to your mental and physical life!

In "Understand Mental Health", you'll learn all about the symptoms and risk factors of different mental illnesses. From here you'll be taught how to utilise professional help, and how to give the best support to your loved ones dealing with mental health problems. This course will help demystify your own mental wellbeing and that of those around you!

With "Mindfulness for Everyday Living", you'll learn meditative techniques that will help manage your negative thoughts and bring calm to your mental life. As you progress through 8 varied practices, you'll be empowered to start being more kind and loving to yourself and others.

When it comes to mental health, diet is an often forgotten factor, but in "Mental Health and Nutrition" you'll discover the close link between what you eat and how you feel. Through a 6 week programme, you'll assess your relationship with food, and be taught how to get into healthier habits. This course will help you look and feel great!

"CBT for Mental and Physical Wellbeing" will teach you to use the widely regarded psychological treatment of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to conquer your own mental health. You'll learn about the causes of cognitive fatigue and distraction, and become an expert in coping strategies and exercises that can reduce these negative consequences. You'll boost your functionality and feel happier while you're at it!


Understand Mental Health

Part 1 - Introduction to mental illness

Part 2 - Types, Systems & Risks of Mental illness (Problems)

Part 3 - Who is affected and why? (People)

Part 4 - Treatments (Professional Help)

Part 5 - Giving Support (Pathway Forward)

Part 6 - Frequently Asked Questions

Part 7 - Conclusion

Mindfulness for Everyday Living

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Mindfulness For Everyday Living -- Practices to radically improve your life!

Part 3 - Bonus Section

Mental Health and Nutrition

Part 1 - Welcome to the course

Part 2 - Week One Tips

Part 3 - Chapter One: Do you know how the food you're eating is making you fat?

Part 4 - Week One Recipes

Part 5 - Week One Worksheet: Detox your Kitchen

Part 6 - Week Two Tips

Part 7 - Chapter Two: Are you a Food Addict?

Part 8 - Week Two Recipes

Part 9 - Week Two Worksheet: Your Shopping List

Part 10 - Week Three Tips

Part 11 - Chapter Three: You're already sweet enough!

Part 12 - Week Three Recipes

Part 13 - Week Three Worksheet: Vitamins - where you find them and why you need them

Part 14 - Week Four Tips

Part 15 - Chapter Four: Have you got the guts?

Part 16 - Week Four Recipes

Part 17 - Week Four Worksheet: How to keep your Bowels Beaming

Part 18 - Week Five Tips

Part 19 - Chapter Five: Why you're not a comfort eater

Part 20 - Week Five Recipes

Part 21 - Week Five Worksheet: Minerals - where you find them and why you need them

Part 22 - Week Six Tips

Part 23 - Chapter Six: How drinking water helps you to lose weight

Part 24 - Week Six Recipes

Part 25 - Week Six Worksheet: Allergies

Part 26 - Bonuses

CBT for Mental & Physical Wellbeing

Part 1 - Introduction to the Course

Part 2 - Week 1: Brain Basics

Part 3 - Week 2: Cognitive Exhaustion

Part 4 - Week 3: Cognitive Distraction

Part 5 - Week 4: Attention and Memory

Part 6 - Extra Meditations and Exercises