TriYoga Bundle: Posture, Breath & Focus

3 courses in 1: Learn TriYoga, a hatha yoga concept that will help you improve your wellbeing, energy levels and fitness by concentrating on developing on your posture, breath and focus.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 56 lectures, 7.5 hours of video content as well as daily practices, routines and meditations.
  • Learn how to increase your energy levels through more relaxed and restful sleep
  • Learn the fundamentals of Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga and reduce the stress and anxiety in your life
  • Improve strength, flexibility and endurance while reducing stress and increasing mental clarity.
  • This TriYoga bundle is suitable for anyone passionate about yoga and interested in improving their flexibility, health and wellness through dynamic, meditative practice.

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TriYoga Bundle: Posture, Breath & Focus

Seva Samadhi ☯
Seva Samadhi ☯, Course Teacher

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More Info

A 3 course TriYoga bundle that will help you improve your fitness, stamina and flexibilty. TriYoga is a hatha yoga method concentrated on posture, breath and focus. The dynamic practices will also help to boost your energy levels and achieve a healthier body, inside and out!

The Hatha and Vinyasa course will take you on a journey through several different systems and techniques connected to Yoga, including lessons on certain elements of Pilates and Karana Yoga. You will learn how you can use simple breathing and movement exercises in order to improve your sleep and achieve a more balanced physical and mental lifestyle.

The second course is a Yin & Yang Yoga course designed to help you to achieve a stronger, leaner, more flexible physique. This course is tailored for those who are looking to reduce stress & anxiety, increase flexibility, reduce weight and build muscle.

The Kundalini Yoga course is a one-hour total body workout that combines rigorous movement for strength, flexibility, and endurance with deep meditation and relaxation intertwined to create emotional balance, mental clarity, and provide stress-relief.

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Techniques for Health & Wellbeing

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Advice, Disclaimer and Credits

Part 3: Sea Yoga

Part 4: Special Preliminary Breathing Exercises

Part 5: Philosophy of Yoga - Part 1

Part 6: Thank You!

Part 7: Recommended Courses

14-Day Yin & Yang Yoga Challenge

Day 1: Vinyasa Basics

Day 2: Upper Body Strength

Day 3: Yin Yoga for Your Hips

Day 4: Core Strengths

Day 5: Side Body Flow

Day 6: Yin Yoga for the Upper Body

Day 7: Yoga Backbends

Day 8: Lower Body Strength

Day 9: Yin Yoga Side Body Stretch

Day 10: Yoga for Balance

Day 11: Twist & Detox

Day 12: Yin Yoga for Hamstring Flexibility

Day 13: Core Strength Floor Work

Day 14: Gentle Yoga

Kundalini Yoga: Deep Meditation & Relaxation

Part 1: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

Part 2: Warm Up

Part 3: Energize

Part 4: Strengthen

Part 5: Meditation/Relaxation