Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Bundle

4 courses in 1: Discover the restorative and rejuvenating health benefits of ancient Chinese healing practices, from Qigong & Taoism to Reflexology & Acupressure!

52 Students
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Course Highlights

  • Includes 312 lectures, over 10 hours of video content, and 50+ downloadable supplementary materials
  • Discover multiple ancient Chinese practices that have been used by millions for thousands of years
  • Energise your life and restore you health with healing Qigong, Reflexology and Acupressure techniques
  • Reveal greater depths of your consciousness through the Chinese wisdom of Taoism
  • Suitable for anyone interested in improving their wellbeing, especially those with an interest in Chinese or alternative medicines

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Bundle

Peter Caughey
Peter Caughey, Course Teacher

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Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

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Open yourself up to ancient Chinese healing techniques with these four courses! Discover the history of Qigong, Reflexology, Acupressure and Taoism, and learn how to put their traditional teachings into practice. With these tried and tested methods, not only will you rejuvenate your mental and physical welling, but you'll be able to bring your clients better health and healing!

"Qigong Exercises For Energy & Wellbeing" begins with the cornerstones of this medicinal belief system, and then shares essential advice on Qigong practise. You'll have tutorials on 18 incredible exercises, giving you a huge range of ways to relax and connect with your body. The authentic techniques in this course will start you on your journey to a longer life!

In "Acupressure: Yin & Yang Meridians" you will discover the amazing pain-relieving benefits of subtle pressure application. This course will advance your understanding of the 5 Shu Antique Points along the Yin & Yang Meridians, and give you practical tips for reducing physical pain and mental difficulties like anxiety. You'll also earn an internationally recognised certification!

Discover how to perform life-changing massage with "Advanced Reflexology". Through in depth, step-by-step tutorials, this course will guide you through the close relationships between specific foot areas and the rest of the body. You'll develop your understanding of these systems, and learn how to relieve stress and pain with specialised techniques.

With "Taoism: Understanding Tao Te Ching" you will learn how to embrace Chinese spirituality. This course will help you analyse this ancient Taoism text, so that you can find a greater connection with the world. In understanding these teachings, you'll transcend to higher levels of consciousness, and experience more contentment, tranquility and self-love!


Qigong Exercises For Energy & Wellbeing

Part 1 - Course introduction

Part 2 - What is Qigong and The History of Qigong

Part 3 - Essential Qigong Practise Information

Part 4 - Essential Qigong Practise Information

Part 5 - Exercise 1 - Wave Hands Over the Lake

Part 6 - Exercise 2 - Embrace the Mountain

Part 7 - Exercise 3 - Painting a Rainbow in the Sky

Part 8 - Exercise 4 - Scoop the Earth and Part the Clouds

Part 9 - Exercise 5 - Floating Silk Hands

Part 10 - Exercise 6 - Rowing a Boat in the Middle of the Lake

Part 11 - Exercise 7 - Sage Presents a Peach

Part 12 - Exercise 8 - Turn to Gaze at the Moon

Part 13 - Exercise 9 - Wind Rustles the Lotus Leaves

Part 14 - Exercise 10 - Wave Hands in the Clouds

Part 15 - Exercise 11 - Scoop the Sea, Toss the Sky

Part 16 - Exercise 12 - Rolling with the Waves

Part 17 - Exercise 13 - Dove Spreads its Wings

Part 18 - Exercise 14 - Dragon emerges from the Sea

Part 19 - Exercise 15 - Wild Goose Flying

Part 20 - Exercise 16 - Windmill Turns in the Breeze

Part 21 - Exercise 17 - Bouncing a Ball in the Sunshine

Part 22 - Exercise 18 - Natures Fragrance Drifts up from a Tree

Part 23 - The Full Practice

Part 24 - Summary

Acupressure: Yin & Yang Meridians

Part 1 - Introduction to the course

Part 2 - Bonus Materials

Part 3 - What is Acupressure?

Part 4 - What are Meridians?

Part 5 - Yin Meridians - The 5 Shu Antique Points

Part 6 - Yin Meridians - Treatment Protocol for the 5 Shu Meditation Points

Part 7 - Quiz 1 - Yin Meridians

Part 8 - Yang Meridians - The 5 Shu Antique Points

Part 9 - Yang Meridians -Treatment Protocol for the 5 Shu Meditation Points

Part 10 - Quiz 2 - Yang Meridians

Advanced Reflexology

Part 1 - Reflexology Course Introduction

Part 2 - History of Reflexology

Part 3 - Mapping the reflexes of the feet

Part 4 - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Meridians

Part 5 - Step by step guide for a basic Reflexology treatment

Part 6 - Relaxation Techniques

Part 7 - Reflex Point Techniques

Part 8 - Reflex Area Techniques

Part 9 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques - The Head and Neck Area - The Toes

Part 10 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Thoracic Area - The Ball of the foot

Part 11 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Abdominal Area-The Arch of the foot

Part 12 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Pelvic Area-The Heel of the foot

Part 13 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Spine - The Inner foot

Part 14 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Top of the foot

Part 15 - Single Reflexology Point Technique-The outer foot (lateral aspect)

Part 16 - Treatment plans for specific disorders

Part 17 - Credits

Taoism: Understanding Tao Te Ching

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Chapters 1-10

Part 3 - Chapters 11-20

Part 4 - Chapters 21-30

Part 5 - Chapters 31-38