Surviving Winter Bundle

3 courses in 1: This bundle will help you survive the winter months by teaching you how to dispel negative energy, how to use CBT to develop positive thought patterns, and which herbalist remedies to use to fight off illness!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 8 hours of video content and downloadable PDFs across 87 lectures
  • Learn 3 simple techniques to stay positive and balanced when experiencing negative environments
  • Understand Seasonal Affective Disorder and combat the symptoms using Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Fight off sickness throughout the winter with the all-natural remedies of herbalism
  • Perfect for anyone wishing to help themselves or their family stay healthy and happy during the cold, dark months of winter

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Surviving Winter Bundle

Melody Litton
Melody Litton, Course Teacher

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As the winter days start getting shorter, darker, and colder, this three course bundle will help keep those winter blues at bay! Through a variety of psychological, spiritual and medicinal methods, you'll learn how to protect your mind and body from the negative impact of winter. From cognitive exercises to healthy diet plans, this course will help you survive through until Spring!

In "Energetic Shielding: For Healing, Protection & Balance", you'll be taught empowering techniques to free yourself from negative energy. First you'll learn how your daily routine can be harnessed to improve your well being; then you'll work on your emotional freedom techniques to flush negativity away; and finally you'll discover how to create a strong energy shield that will help you feel more positive, all season long!

Get psychological with "MBCT for Seasonal Affective Disorder & Winter Blues"! Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a very common form of depression linked to changes in the seasons. People particularly feel symptoms during winter, so using the healing benefits of Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, this course will teach you practical exercises to combat the effects of SAD!

With "Herbalism: Essential Herbal Remedies for the Home", you'll not only boost your mental well being during winter, but it will help you stay physically healthy too! You'll learn all about herbal remedies, including the importance of essential oils, the benefits of everyday kitchen ingredients, and the healthiest foods and drinks to eat. Of course, you'll also discover the best ways to fight off the pesky common cold, so that you stay fighting fit all winter!


Energetic Shielding: For Healing, Protection & Balance

Part 1 - Welcome!

Part 2 - Personal Power Tip #1: Keep Your Energy-Body Balanced

Part 3 - Personal Power Tip #2: Regularly Flush Your System

Part 4 - Personal Power Tip #3: Create an Energy Shield

Part 5 - Final Thoughts

MBCT for Seasonal Affective Disorder & Winter Blues

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Key Elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Activity, Thoughts, and Mood

Part 3 - Changing the Way You Think

Herbalism: Essential Herbal Remedies for the Home

Part 1 - Welcome to Essential Herbal Remedies for the Home

Part 2 - Every First-aid Kit Should Contain at Least a Few Teas

Part 3 - Powder Treatments Pack Well and Last a Long Time

Part 4 - Tinctures and Liniments are Fast Acting

Part 5 - Essentail Oils are Powerful Medicine

Part 6 - Oils and Gels for Topical Application

Part 7 - Amazing Kitchen Ingredients to Use in a Pinch

Part 8 - Bonus Materials

Part 9 - Welcome to Best Superfoods for Ultimate Health & Energy

Part 10 - Condiments You'll Love

Part 11 - Beverages and Treats You'll Love

Part 12 - Ultimate Healthy Meals

Part 13 - Introduction to Herbalism for Cold & Flu

Part 14 - Remedies for Colds and Flu to Make Ahead

Part 15 - Remedies to Make Once You have a Cold or Flu

Part 16 - Detailed Protocols for Various Cold and Flu Symptoms

Part 17 - Colds and Flu Tips

Part 18 - Quiz