Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions Bundle

3 Courses in 1: The Stick to your Resolutions Bundle will teach you how to form manageable targets and learn effective goal-orientated strategies to stay focused and make 2019 your best year.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 181 lectures, over 6 hours of video content, course handouts and course assessment.
  • Set yourself on the path to success in all areas of your life, and discover how to follow through on your targets!
  • Learn effective strategies for controlling two key areas of your brain associated with motivation and achievement.
  • Understand the cognitive reasoning behind willpower and use this to take control of your life.
  • Suitable for anyone who struggles with will power and self control and wants to make 2019 the most productive year yet!

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Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions Bundle
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This Stick to your Resolutions Bundle is tailor-made for any individual struggling to focus on tasks and get things done. Learn how to stop hopping from project to project and never completing them. Implement effective goal orientated strategies and earn how to focus, take action and adjust by motivating your brain to complete what your working on.

Learn how to set and achieve your goals by using the science of goal setting to help you to form manageable targets, and learn helpful tricks to ensure your goals translate into success! You will learn the key elements of what makes a good goal and why SMART goals aren’t enough.

The Finish What You Start course is the perfect companion for anyone struggling to complete projects and get things done. Learn how to successfully manage multiple projects with simple and effective strategies to implement into your routine. Control your actions and increase your focus, while preventing procrastination and unfinished work.

In the final course you will learn about the science behind strong willpower, and raise your self control to allow you to achieve your goals. It will teach you how you can apply the evidence psychologists and neuroscientists have discovered over the last decades to master your willpower and allow you to maximize your success, health and happiness.


Goal Setting: The Science of Success

Part 1: Hello and Welcome!

Part 2: Goal-Setting Basics

Part 3: What Good Goals Look Like

Part 4: Finding the Right Goals

Part 5: How to Define Long-Term Goals

Part 6: How to Define Short-Term Goals

Part 7: Mapping Goal Success 1

Part 8:Mapping Goal Success 2

Part 9: Conclusion: Start Doing!

Part 10: Quiz

Achieve Your Goals: Finish What You Start

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Start Getting Things Done

Part 3: Applying the Scientific Facts About Focus

Part 4: Capitalize on the Psychology of Taking Action

Part 5: Become the Master of Time and Choice

Part 6: Make it Happen

Part 7: Course Quiz

Cognitive Psychology: The Neuro-Science of Willpower

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Willpower Basics: Hot and Cool

Part 3: The Willpower Muscle

Part 4: Your Brain in Control

Part 5: Willpower Beliefs

Part 6: Present v Future Self

Part 7: Your Body on Willpower

Part 8: Putting Self Control in Context

Part 9: Conclusion