Reflexology Practitioner Diploma

Gain a holistic approach to healing the body through the practice of reflexology.

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Course Highlights

  • 1 hour of video content spread over 17 lectures, course ebook, demonstration videos, self-assessments and course final assessment.
  • Discover the anatomy of the body and the biomechanics of the feet, learning how they are interconnected through reflex points.
  • Learn how to identify potential problems and help heal through specific attention to reflex points.
  • Use different techniques to help alleviate pain and gently heal.
  • Recognise when reflexology is not the best treatment for ailments.
  • This course is suited for anyone looking to gain an understanding of reflexology, its benefits and has an interest of become a reflexologist.

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Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
Karen E. Wells
Karen E. Wells
Course Tutor

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Course Facts

Lectures 17
RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Teacher

Karen E. Wells

KEW Training Academy Ltd

More Info

This course has been designed to provide you with a unique insight into reflexology and teaches you a holistic approach to healing. Throughout this course, there are regular self-study assessments and these support each of the modules to ensure complete comprehension of the information within.

Karen Wells, your instructor for this course, is the founder of the KEW Training Academy, providing online courses to students all over the world. She has been helping her thousands of clients for over fifteen years now and continues to grow her academy today.

This course has been designed to provide in-depth information to enable you to become a professional reflexologist and to ensure you are confident and knowledgeable enough to set up your own practice. Whether you have experienced a reflexology session yourself or are passionate about the topic, this course can help you on your way!