Reflexology Bundle

This extensive 3 course Reflexology Bundle will provide you with a detailed and systematic tuition of the ancient, natural healing therapy as well as the necessary techniques and protocol's required to successfully practice reflexology.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 212 lectures, 6.5 hours of video content, pdf material and quizzes to assess yourself.
  • Discover the techniques used in treatment and how to carry out a professional therapy
  • Learn how to confidently and safely practice Reflexology Healing massages for personal and professional use.
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts.
  • This bundle is suitable for anyone interested in reflexology, natural remedies and therapies.

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Reflexology Bundle

Lauren Slade
Lauren Slade, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

Bundle requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this bundle

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The Practical Reflexology course, introduces you to reflexology, an ancient, natural, healing modality that can be used by everyone. It is a simple and easy way to take back control of your personal health and that of your family. You will learn how to give a full session as well as reflexology protocols to boost the immune system, and 40 common health disorders and the specific reflexes to work to help balance the body.

The hand reflexology course offers a thorough introduction into Hand Reflexology. It will cover everything from mapping the hand, to carrying out hand reflexology therapy. You will also be introduced to techniques and pressures, as well as formal documentation, reception and protocols necessary for professionally practicing hand reflexology.

In this intensive and systematic Advanced Reflexology course, you will learn to confidently and safely practice Reflexology Healing massages for both personal and professional use. With a specific focus on Reflex point location and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts, you will come out of the course with a deeper understanding of TCM Meridian Theory and treatment principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as a practical understanding of the Reflex points and how they relate to meridians and organs in the body.


Practical Reflexology Diploma

Part 1: Introduction to Reflexology

Part 2: The Theory and Practise of Reflexology

Part 3: Relaxation Techniques

Part 4: Reflexology Foot map

Part 5: Performing Reflexology on Different Age Groups

Part 7: The Body Systems Part 1

Part 8: The Body Systems Part 2

Part 9: Conclusion

Part 10: Quiz

Part 11: Course Handouts and Downloadable Materials

Hand Reflexology

Part 1: The History Of Reflexology

Part 2: Consultation and Anatomy

Part 3: Stress, Chakra and Contra in Action

Part 4: Preparation and Practical

Part 5: Techniques and Treatment

Part 6: Handouts and Materials

Part 7: Recommended Courses

Advanced Reflexology

Part 1: Reflexology Course Introduction

Part 2: History of Reflexology

Part 3: Mapping the reflexes of the feet

Part 4: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Meridians

Part 5: Step by step guide for a basic Reflexology treatment

Part 6: Relaxation Techniques

Part 7: Reflex Point Techniques

Part 8: Reflex Area Techniques

Part 9: Single Reflexology Point Techniques - The Head and Neck Area - The Toes

Part 10: Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Thoracic Area - The Ball of the foot

Part 11: Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Abdominal Area-The Arch of the foot

Part 12: Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Pelvic Area-The Heel of the foot

Part 13: Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Spine - The Inner foot

Part 14: Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Top of the foot

Part 15: Single Reflexology Point Technique-The outer foot (lateral aspect)

Part 16: Treatment plans for specific disorders

Part 17: Credits