Qigong, Yoga & Nutrition Bundle

3 courses in 1: Learn how to use Qigong, yoga exercises & diet planning to revitalise your health!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 109 lectures and over 5 hours of video content
  • Rejuvenate your mind and body with Chinese Qigong practices
  • Master the core principles and exercises of yoga
  • Balance your diet with hand-crafted and nutritious meal planning
  • Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their mental wellbeing and improve their physical health!

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Qigong, Yoga & Nutrition Bundle

Peter Caughey
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Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

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This bundle will enhance all areas of your health and wellbeing! Discover how to improve your posture and become more in tune with your body with courses on Qigong and yoga. Learn to feed your body what it needs, and use breathing techniques to focus your mind. With these courses, you'll learn to show yourself the love you deserve!

"Qigong Exercises For Energy & Wellbeing" will teach you the fundamentals of this Chinese exercise system and help you get more connected with your body. You'll learn the 18 key components, including The Bow, Wave Hands in the Clouds, and Wild Goose Flying. By the end of this course, you'll be on the way to a longer life!

With "Basic Yoga for Beginners" you'll get the key benefits of yoga without being confused by all the variety out there! This course will guide you through the core fundamentals, from the 7 primary movements to full sun salutations. You'll feel the transformative effects of yoga without even leaving the house!

Enhance your physicality even further with "Nutrition: Balanced Diet & Health"! This course will empower you to eat more balanced meals through tutorials on scientific food nutrition, and advice on practical meal planning. You'll learn how to incorporate a better diet into your existing lifestyle, so that becoming healthier doesn't have to be chore!


Qigong Exercises For Energy & Wellbeing

Course introduction

What is Qigong and The History of Qigong

Essential Qigong Practise Information

Essential Qigong Practise Information

Exercise 1 - Wave Hands Over the Lake

Exercise 2 - Embrace the Mountain

Exercise 3 - Painting a Rainbow in the Sky

Exercise 4 - Scoop the Earth and Part the Clouds

Exercise 5 - Floating Silk Hands

Exercise 6 - Rowing a Boat in the Middle of the Lake

Exercise 7 - Sage Presents a Peach

Exercise 8 - Turn to Gaze at the Moon

Exercise 9 - Wind Rustles the Lotus Leaves

Exercise 10 - Wave Hands in the Clouds

Exercise 11 - Scoop the Sea, Toss the Sky

Exercise 12 - Rolling with the Waves

Exercise 13 - Dove Spreads its Wings

Exercise 14 - Dragon emerges from the Sea

Exercise 15 - Wild Goose Flying

Exercise 16 - Windmill Turns in the Breeze

Exercise 17 - Bouncing a Ball in the Sunshine

Exercise 18 - Natures Fragrance Drifts up from a Tree

The Full Practice


Basic Yoga for Beginners


Yoga Positives

Before You Begin

Sun Salutations

Yoga Classes


Nutrition: Balanced Diet & Health


Body Composition

Basic Nutrition Knowledge

Blood Sugar Regulation

Building Menu Plans: Blood Sugar Regulation in Practice

Menu Plans for Exercise: Blood Sugar Regulation in Practice

Sleep & Hydration

Sustainable Balanced Diets

Practical Advice

More Practical Advice