Pilates: Advanced Level

This Advanced Pilates course will teach you how to build a strong, flexible and toned physique in as little as 10 minutes a day, with practical demonstrations and efficient exercise routines.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes over 4 hours of video content, 17 practical demonstrations and a jam-packed Pilates Ebook.
  • Includes in depth practical and visual demonstrations talking you through every pose and exercise!
  • Provides 6 x 10 minutes classes giving a balanced mini workout, 7 x 10 to 22 minute classes, each with a unique theme & 4 short workouts to target specific areas of the body
  • Develop a daily Pilates fitness regime to achieve a toned and healthy physique whilst having fun and building your core strength.
  • A practical guide for Pilates and fitness enthusiasts wanting to optimise their health and develop an exercise routine to fit the busiest of schedules.

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Pilates: Advanced Level

Josie McKenlay
Josie McKenlay, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

Language English
Course requirementsThere are no prerequsites for this course

Course Teacher

Josie McKenlay

Yoga and Pilates teacher, Writer for Sports360

More Info

This Advanced Pilates Course will teach you how you can improve your health and fitness by implementing a quick, simple and effective daily Pilates regime. Build your stamina and flexibility by following the in depth practical demonstrations. Learn how you can improve your posture, optimise your core strength and even help to prevent and recover from injuries using Pilates.

Your course instructor, Josie McKenley, who brought you our Pilates - A New Body in 30 Sessions and Pilates Instructor Training courses is back again with Advanced Pilates. She has over 30 years experience within the health and fitness industry, runs private classes and writes a Lifestyler column for sports newspaper, Sport360.

The perfect companion for anyone wanting to lead an active life and learn Pilates, while heaving fun. If you struggle to maintain a daily exercise routine because of a busy schedule, then this course is the solution. Practice Pilates straight form your home in just 10 minutes a day and no longer feel sluggish and frustrated, by engaging your core with Pilates techniques.