Pilates - A New Body in 30 Sessions

This Pilates course will have considerable effects on your body and health. Enjoy increased energy levels, a relief of chronic pain and less stress

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Course Highlights

  • 11 hours of video content ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced level Pilate techniques.
  • The complete matwork sequence suitable for all three levels
  • A great Pilates programme to start your journey and refer back too at any time.
  • Enjoy feeling less stressed and calmer almost immediately following regular practise. 

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Pilates - A New Body in 30 Sessions

Josie McKenlay
Josie McKenlay, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Josie McKenlay

Yoga and Pilates teacher, Writer for Sports360

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Are you looking to transform your body for the summer months? Then this 30 session course is perfect for you. This course will not only have considerable effects on your body, but also the benefits to your health are as equally impressive. It generally takes up to 3 sessions for the client to notice the changes on the body, with an improvement of energy levels, a disappearance of chronic pain and a calmer and less stressed attitude for the individual to enjoy.

Josie Mckenlay will use all of her 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry to take you through the complete Pilates matwork sequence, introducing new Pilates techniques and explaining clearly what each how each method can have positively influence your body and health.

By taking this course you will notice the positive effects on your body and health almost immediately. This Pilates course will start you on your journey to a lean and toned body and will provide you with the complete Pilates matwork sequence to practise in the future, anytime and anywhere to maintain the results you have achieved by completing this course.