Numerology Cycles: Personal Years & Months

Learn about Numerology, personal months and years and how you can use it for self development and success within your life.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 10 lectures and hours of content.
  • Learn how to calculate your own personal years and months.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to grow or make the changes you need to feel fully empowered on your path
  • Resolve conflict with loved ones and have the confidence for success.
  • This course is ideal for anyone who wants to become empowered and benefit from exposure to spiritual teachings

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Numerology Cycles: Personal Years & Months

Verdarluz CelestiOwl
Verdarluz CelestiOwl, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Teacher

Verdarluz CelestiOwl

Life Coach, Astrologer, Business and Locational Strategist

More Info

This course provides you with a comprehensive introduction into Numerology, the study of numbers, and how they can reflect certain character tendencies and aptitudes, as a fundamental part of the cosmic plan. It will specifically focus on personal months and years, how to calculate them and how they effect us in terms of our relationships, career, challenges and positive attributes.

VerDarLuz is a Life Coach, astrologer, international speaker, and multimedia artist. He is the creator of the Art of Partnership and Intro to Human Design webinar courses and two books on astrology and consciousness. His work focuses on awakening to the evolutionary journey of the soul to empower, inspire, and fulfil clients’ creative life mission.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to understand Numerology and implement it within their lives. You can utilize it to help you with major decisions such as investment opportunities, career changes and relocation's and even marriage.