How To Get Your TEFL Dream Job

Start your dream TEFL career with this step-by-step guide to searching for, applying to and succeeding in your new job!

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  • Includes 32 lectures, 2.5 hours of video content, and 3 downloadable course e-books
  • Advice from an experienced TEFL professional on how to land your perfect job teaching English overseas
  • Pro tips on how to search for the right job, create a winning CV and ace your interview
  • Learn how to avoid scams, settle into your new country, and enjoy your exciting new life abroad
  • Perfect for anyone interested in teaching English abroad, no matter your age, education, background, experience or even if you are a non-native speaker of English.

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How To Get Your TEFL Dream Job

Ted Tucker
Ted Tucker, Course Teacher

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Ted Tucker

TEFL Teacher

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a unique way to explore the world while making the difference to students lives. But navigating the application process can be tricky, so this course is here to help! From your initial job search, to making a successful application, this TEFL Career Planning course will kickstart your journey to a brand new life.

Ted Tucker draws on more than 25 years of TEFL experience and gives you the best advice in the field. He's lived and worked as a Teacher of English in Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Mexico, and has experience as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana. He holds a Masters in Education and now runs his very own blog, where he shares his passionate belief that TEFL can change lives with students from all around the world.

You'll start by learning how to test whether TEFL is the right path for you, and how to find your perfect job through skillful online and in country searches. You'll get insider knowledge on what employers are really look for, as well as top CV and interview tips, so that you can create a competitive application and demonstrate how you stand out from the crowd! This course supports you from start to finish, so that you can launch a successful TEFL Career now!