Crystal Therapy & Reflexology Bundle

3 courses in 1: Discover how natural massage and crystal therapy techniques can drastically improve your health!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 245 lectures, 10 hours of video content, and a downloadable practitioner manual!
  • Learn how crystal therapy can be used to heal specific areas of the body
  • Become an expert in the ancient massage techniques of reflexology
  • Bring peace and tranquillity to you and your clients' lives
  • Ideal for novices looking to explore natural healing practices and existing practitioners who want to expand their business

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Crystal Therapy & Reflexology Bundle

Dr Gaynor De Klerk
Dr Gaynor De Klerk, Course Teacher

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Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

More Info

This bundle is an exciting and comprehensive guide to the healing practices of crystal therapy and reflexology! These all-natural practices work wonders for physical health and wellbeing, so discover how to become a practitioner and revolutionise your vitality!

"Crystal Therapy and Reflexology" will show you how to perform pressure-based exercises specifically designed to relax and rejuvenate the body. You'll learn how to use crystals as well as your hands, and will explore a huge range of techniques including colours, chakras and client checks, for an even more powerful experience!

In "Practical Reflexology Diploma" you'll look at how best to target different body parts for healing purposes. Discover the critical role of the feet, and the intricate ways in which our body systems work together. With tutorials specialised for all ages, you'll be unlimited in the service you can provide!

Achieve your full practitioner potential with "Advanced Reflexology Diploma". This in depth course will improve your fundamental understanding of reflexology, and equip you with practical abilities in complex techniques. With detailed tutorials on all the key areas of the body, you will truly be an expert natural healing!


Crystal Therapy and Reflexology

Part 1 - Introduction to Crystal Healing

Part 2 - Crystal Healing Application

Part 3 - The Aura

Part 4 - The Chakras

Part 5 - Introduction to Crystal Reflexology

Part 6 - Crystal Reflexology Application

Part 7 - Appropriate Checks for Treating Others

Part 8 - Crystal Reflexology Techniques

Part 9 - Differences between Crystal and Hand Reflexology

Practical Reflexology Diploma

Part 1 - Introduction to Reflexology

Part 2 - The Theory and Practise of Reflexology

Part 3 - Relaxation Techniques

Part 4 - Reflexology Foot map

Part 5 - Performing Reflexology on Different Age Groups

Part 6 - The Body Systems Part 1

Part 7 - The Body Systems Part 2

Part 8 - Conclusion

Part 9 - Quiz

Advanced Reflexology

Part 1 - Reflexology Course Introduction

Part 2 - History of Reflexology

Part 3 - Mapping the reflexes of the feet

Part 4 - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture Meridians

Part 5 - Step by step guide for a basic Reflexology treatment

Part 6 - Relaxation Techniques

Part 7 - Reflex Point Techniques

Part 8 - Reflex Area Techniques

Part 9 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques - The Head and Neck Area - The Toes

Part 10 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Thoracic Area - The Ball of the foot

Part 11 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Abdominal Area-The Arch of the foot

Part 1 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Pelvic Area-The Heel of the foot

Part 13 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Spine - The Inner foot

Part 14 - Single Reflexology Point Techniques-The Top of the foot

Part 15 - Single Reflexology Point Technique-The outer foot (lateral aspect)

Part 16 - Treatment plans for specific disorders