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Animal Behaviour: Obedience & Health

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What you'll learn

Take this animal behaviour course and learn new training techniques to improve behaviour and maintain your pets health by reading body language & symptoms

Do you want to develop the relationship that you have with your pet by being able to read its body language and behaviour? Then why not take this course and learn how to keep your pet healthy and understand the signs that it displays for different emotions. Being able to read your pet's behaviour can have major benefits for its health and wellbeing. Dr Jeff Grognet and Mike Annan have constructed this course to allow for a progressive learning experience. They cover everything from the symptoms of illness and health of your pet to reading different behavioural body language which can translate how your pet is feeling and why it is behaving in a certain way and they will teach you the best techniques and exercises to deal with such issues.  By taking this course you will notice an improve in the relationship you have with your pet, by understanding their behaviour. You will be aware of differing health risks that they are exposed to and what symptoms to look out for when analysing the health of your cat or dog. By reading their body language you will be able to understand their emotions and know how to deal with their behaviour.  

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Course Content


  • 35 lectures, including 1 hour of video content, plus 36 detailed PDF files
  • 8 Quizzes to take throughout the course, to ensure that you are on the right tracks
  • 10 obedience videos demonstrating how to discipline your pet.
  • Behavioural Assessment exercises for both Cats and Dogs. Medical assessments for your pet
  • Works for shelter and rescue animals!¬†
  • Ideal for anyone that wants to develop their relationship with their cat or dog, or anyone working in a Cattery or Kennel


Jeff Grognet
Pet Behaviour & Animal Health Instructor at Academy for Canine Educators (ACE)

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Animal Behaviour: Obedience & Health
  • Video 1 hour
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  • Lectures 57
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Animal Behaviour: Obedience & Health